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At First American, we are GAF Master Elite certified, indicating we are among the 2% of professionals throughout the country who have actually accomplished this level of status. We go above and beyond what is needed for contractors because we desire our consumers to have the highest quality houses around. We also possess the GAF Golden Pledge Guarantee, which is the finest roof warranty offered.

Do you recommend metal or asphalt shingle roof?

We receive this question often. This largely depends on the aesthetic look hat you are going for, and your budget. While a metal roof can cost 2-3x as much as an asphalt roof, it provides many up-sides, including longevity and durability. If price is not your largest factor, then metal is worth considering. If you are looking for the most economical, inexpensive option, asphalt is the best option. We tend to see most Nashville homeowners opting for an asphalt roof.

How long does it take to install a new roof?

In many cases, we can install your new roof in as little as one day! There are many variables to this, including the size of your roof, the materials you requested, and the scope of the project. However, many asphalt shingle roofs are installed in one day (for most average size Nashville homes).

Do you provide free estimates?

Yes! Our roofing estimates and roofing inspections are always no-obligation, and hassle-free! If you're looking for Nashville's best roofing contractor, give us a call today!

A home enhancement business that has a long-term workplace is likely more arranged and more put together than one that works on the road. An exceptional roofing contractor will have a receptionist or administrator that takes appointments, provides callbacks, and does the general scheduling and follow-up to guarantee the best possible service.

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Meaning, they swoop in from out of state after storms or during peak roofing season to get company. A great roofer will have outstanding communication and fast response time. Having a permanent landline and workplace administrator can assist with this, as we said above. If you are stuck playing phone tag with a professional, or they do not deliver on their pledges of next company day responses, remain far away.

Fast response times, following through with pledges, and communicating completely throughout the entire process, are great qualities in an appropriate specialist. If you are looking for a company that possesses these qualities, understands roofings like the back of their hand, and can offer premium-level service with an assurance to match, reach out to us today!.?.!! We supply roof assessments, repair, and replacement with your whole house in mind.

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Properly maintained roofs can last 30 years or morebut a shoddy setup or poor-quality shingles and tiles can imply requiring to replace a roofing rather - So ask the seller how old the roof is, and check the rain gutters to ensure the drain systems remain in great working order. You likewise want to be on the lookout for dry rotoften triggered by poor ventilationwhich can cause sagging and falling apart. - If Not Now, When?Preparations For More Info

Every roofing has some degree of wear and tear. And it will require repair faster or later on. The question is how old. Are you buying a home with a 15-year-old roof? 20-year-old roofing system? The higher that number climbs, the earlier you, as the new owner, will require to purchase its repair work and repairs.

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Asphalt shingles, composite shingles, metal roofings and other materials all have different life periods. And weatherization plays a big part in determining how typically roofs require to be changed. Employ a house inspector to investigate the roofing system's condition Ask the homeowner for paperwork on the last time the roofing was fixed Get a 2nd viewpoint from a professional roofing company Check the roofing system and attic space yourself Get an estimate on how much the repairs would cost and when they'll be required Understand that you're most likely not the only person thinking about making an offer on the home.

Believe of your roofing system appraisal as a method to safeguard yourself and align your purchase with your individual goals. Not as a method to take advantage of the seller into making repair work before you relocate (though it could take place!). Purchasing a home with an old roof just implies you need to do your homework.


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Your home evaluation should discover these significant issues, but, just in case, let's cover the danger signals of a stopping working roof. If the actual structure of the roofing system is compromised, it 'd be smart to step far from the scenario. Changing broken or weakening roof beams can be a pricey (and unneeded) financial investment for a house buyer to handle - Middle TN Roofing Pros.



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